Early Booking: Get £400 off when you book your room for 2021/22
Get £400 off for 2021/22 bookings


That’s right – when you book any room for 2019/20, you’ll get up to a £1,000 discount on your stay at Nido West Hampstead, London. Get £1,000 off when you book your 2019/20 studio. Get £750 off when you book your 2019/20 ensuite room. Discount is valid for 43 or 51-week stays.

Claim your discount by selecting your room type, click ‘reserve your room’ on our website or simply call +44 (0) 203 967 9990 to speak to one of our West Hampstead team.

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Get up to £1,000 off when you book your 2019/20 room for 43 and 51-week at Nido West Hampstead. Get £1,000 off when you book a 2019/20 studio. Get £750 off when you book your ensuite room for 2019/20.

– Applicable to bookings made through the Nido Student Portal, in person or via telephone

– License to be a minimum of 43-weeks, starting from the 7 September 2019 at Nido West Hampstead only.

– Valid for all bookings made between 5 September 2019 and 13 December 2019 at Nido West Hampstead subject to availability.

– This offer is provided on a first come first served basis.

– There is limited availability and the offer is only valid up until and including the 13 December 2019. You must have signed the License Agreement online and received a confirmation email by midnight on the 14 November 2019 for the promotion to be valid.

– The license fee discount will be applied to the final instalment of rent in April 2020. For full payments, the license fee discount will be applied on the first payment in 2019.

– The license fee discount will only be provided once all registrations and proof of status documents have been received, 1st instalment and any outstanding amounts have been paid in full.

– Choose your room with a move-in date on the 7 September 2019 on either a 43 or 51-week contract (subject to availability).

– Nido reserves the right to terminate, amend or extend this promotion at any time.

– These Terms & Conditions are in conjunction with those on the online booking system found at www.NidoStudent.com

– This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

– Should a booking be cancelled within the cooling off period, then this will be deemed null and void and the promotion will not be valid.