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We need your help! Vote for Nido Student as Best Student Housing Operator



Rebook at Nido Student West Hampstead, London, for the 2019/20 academic year and receive 2 weeks stay free. 

  • Applicable to bookings made through the Nido Student Portal, in person or via telephone
  • License to be a minimum of 43-weeks, starting from the 7 September 2019 at Nido Student West Hampstead only.
  • Valid for all bookings made between 1 October 2018 and 31 January 2019 at Nido Student West Hampstead subject to availability.
  • This offer is provided on a first come first served basis.
  • There is limited availability and the offer is only valid up until and including the 31 January 2019. You must have signed the License Agreement online and received a confirmation email by midnight on the 31 January 2019 for the promotion to be valid.
  • The offer relates to current students residing at Nido Student West Hampstead for the 2019/20 academic year only.
  • The license fee discount will be applied to the final instalment of rent in April 2020. For full payments, the license fee discount will be applied on the first payment in 2019.
  • The license fee discount will only be provided once all registrations and proof of status documents have been received, 1st instalment and any outstanding amounts have been paid in full.
  • Choose your room with a move-in date on the 7 September 2019 on either a 43 or 51-week contract (subject to availability).
  • There is an exclusive 1 week window to rebook your current room, this runs until the 7 October 2018. Once this has passed, on 8 October 2018 all rooms will be open for booking to the public. In case you are interested in another room, you need to register your interest before 7 October 2018 to be the first to reserve it on 8 October 2018, on a first come first serve basis. You need to speak to a member of staff to reserve it.
  • Nido reserves the right to terminate, amend or extend this promotion at any time.
  • Under this promotion, the £300 damage deposit payment for 2018/19 will be rolled over to the new booking for 2019/20 so no payment is required at the time of booking and signing the online agreement. You will be required to sign a document confirming that your damage deposit will be rolled over to their new booking. If any damages are caused to the room relating to academic year 2018/19, an invoice will be sent to you and payment required within 30 days.
  • These Terms & Conditions are in conjunction with those on the online booking system found at www.NidoStudent.com
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Should a booking be cancelled within the cooling off period, then this will be deemed null and void and the promotion will not be valid.
  • Should you not get your results, please provide us with official proof of this by the 20th July 2019 and we will accept cancellation of the booking and you will not be liable for the 1st or 2nd instalments. The only fee will be the damage deposit that will not be refunded.