We need your help! Vote for Nido Student as Best Student Housing Operator
We need your help! Vote for Nido Student as Best Student Housing Operator


Booking your stay at Nido is easy. Just follow the simple steps below to secure your accommodation. And if you need any help along the way, our dedicated sales team is available throughout the process.

All applicants must be 16 years or older at the time of check-in at Nido with a signed consent form.

Simply click BOOK A ROOM to get started.

STEP 1 – Select your preferred room and fill out your personal details.

STEP 2 – Choose how you would like to pay your instalment: full upfront or in four instalments. Please note we offer a 10-instalment payment option in our Scottish residences (Glasgow & Edinburgh).

STEP 3 – Review your booking summary.

STEP 4 – Complete and confirm your booking by clicking ‘I accept & I agree’ at the bottom of the Terms & Conditions page.

STEP 5 – Reserve your room by paying a £100 deposit (for all 202/22 bookings). This deposit will be refunded within 45 days after your checkout date provided there is no damage, outstanding fees and the room is left clean.

STEP 6 – Once your payment has been processed you’ll need to click ‘receive confirmation email’ in order to confirm your booking.

STEP 7 – You’ll receive a confirmation mail with all of your booking details on it

Your Nido story begins…

Before you arrive, we ask you to send us the following documents and proof of ID:

  • A copy of your acceptance letter from your university
  • A digital passport photo
  • A copy of a government-issued ID (passport/EU ID card)
  • Visa details if required

These documents are necessary for you to check in, so we recommend that you send them well in advance of your arrival date to ensure a smooth and speedy check-in. You can also upload your documents on to the Nido Student portal.

When booking a room for the academic year, you will be required to pay a £100 deposit upon making your reservation.

You will then have the choice to pay everything up front, in four or ten instalments (location dependent). When choosing multiple instalments, the full accommodation fee for your stay will be divided into separate amounts. The first instalment is due prior to check-in on 14 August 2020.

Other instalment dates are as follows:

Four instalments: second due 4/10/2020, third due 04/01/2021 and fourth due on 04/04/2021.

Ten instalments: instalment dates are as follows, 14/08/2020, 01/10/2020, 01/11/2020, 01/12/2020, 01/01/2021, 01/02/2021, 01/03/2021, 01/04/2021, 01/05/2021. The due date for the tenth instalment is 01/06/2019.

You can read the full 2021/22 cancellation policy here.

Please get in touch with our team directly should you wish to cancel your contract at bookings@nidostudent.com.

So you can book now, worry free!