Flexible cancellation up until 31st July if Covid-19 impacts your plans. Ts&Cs apply.
Flexible Cancellation for 2021/22 bookings


Due to the on-going corona virus pademic, we ask that no visitors are brought into your Nido Residence. This is for the safety for yourself, our staff and the other building residents. According to government guidelines you are able to interact with those in your bubble inside or outside the residence. Please refer to the government website for the latest restrictions (updated February 2021).

Once the restrictions allow, we will revert to our original guest policy as outlined below.

We heard your feedback and Nido Student now offers residents unlimited day and night guests. It’s simple and easy. All guests must be registered by the resident at the Security Desk by providing a valid photo ID. All guests must provide to Nido any personal details which are requested upon entry.

For safety and security, all guests must follow Nido policies at all times so it is the residents’ responsibility to inform their guest of pertinent policies.

  • Guests must be accompanied at all times
  • Guests are not permitted in the building unescorted and do not have card access rights to Residents rooms. This includes parents.
  • Guest passes are not transferable between residents.

Hosting guests is a privilege which we extend to residents. Management reserves the rights to revoke or restrict this privilege for any length of time as deemed appropriate. Upon entering the building, all guests “Opt-in” to allow Nido to use their personal information for internal needs, please ask staff for more information about this.


Daytime guest hours are 7:00 am – midnight

  • Every resident may have an unlimited amount of daytime guests.
  • All daytime guests must leave the building by no later than midnight; otherwise, they are qualified as an overnight guest.
  • All guests must be registered by the resident host at the Security Desk by providing a valid photo ID prior to them gaining entry into the building.
  • All general Terms and Conditions apply for Daytime Guests.
  • All guests must provide Nido Student with any personal details which are requested by our team upon entry.


  • If an official Nido Student event is happening event guests may not leave this space unescorted.
  • All event guests must leave the building immediately after the event.
  • All event guests must register by at the Security Desk by providing a valid photo ID prior to them gaining entry into the building.


Overnight guest hours are midnight – 7:00 am.

  • Residents are able to have one overnight guest per night and this is not limited per month.
  • The same overnight guest cannot stay more than 3 consecutive nights.
  • Twin Rooms will require permission from the second roommate. Completion of an overnight guest request form would be required and would need to be submitted to the House Manager.
  • All guests must be registered by the resident host at the Security Desk by providing a valid photo ID prior to them gaining entry into the building.
  • Individuals under the age of 18 are not permitted to stay overnight. Siblings over the age of 16 may be considered by requesting for permission of stay from the House Manager – permission of this kind will only be considered after receiving parental consent and must be made prior to arrival.

Any requests for multiple over night guests can be requested from the House Manager and may be approved at their sole discretion. All general Terms and Conditions apply for overnight guests.


The privacy of each resident’s room is genuinely respected. Under section 5.6 of the License Agreement, Nido has the right to access the room for reasonable purpose. When access is required for routine inspections each affected resident will receive notification of the date, time and purpose of the visit at least 24 hours in advance. Instances when notice will be given include:

  • To perform routine health, safety and inventory inspections
  • To show the apartment to contractors or prospective residents
  • To carry out required facility services or planned maintenance works

Submitting a maintenance service request via the Resident Portal or at the Reception Desk is automatically considered an invitation to enter during normal working hours to respond to the request. There may be other circumstances where issuance of such notice is impractical and entry into a room is necessary without 24 hours notice. Instances include:

  • To carry out emergency maintenance in your room
  • To carry out maintenance works requested.
  • To respond to a medical emergency or suspected danger to a person’s welfare
  • To collect hire items left in student rooms beyond the agreed hire date or time
  • To respond to reasonable cause that a violation of Nido policies or UK law is in progress
  • To assist law enforcement officers in the performance of statutory duties

Notices will be posted near lifts and/or other centrally located locations whenever access is needed to several units on specific floors. Notices will be placed on individual doors if access to a select number of units is necessary. Entry to student rooms will only be made by Nido Staff or Nido approved contractors. Staff will knock loudly and identify themselves as staff before entering.