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5 social games you can play when staying in-in is the new going out-out





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We have all tried to keep on top of our studies recently, whether that’s by creating new daily routines, todo lists or joining online lectures, but we could all do with a little break now and then and it’s especially important to stay social & connected (virtually) at the moment.   

Whilst we’ve tried and tested day naps, snack-runs to the fridge & all the puppy videos on YouTube, we thought you might like to hear about some other options we’ve been enjoying to keep you social while you take your breaks.  


1. Mario Kart Tour (iOS/Android)


(Source: Pinterest)


If you’ve played Mario Kart before, you’ll know exactly how competitive things can get. Mario Kart Tour has introduced real-time multiplayer games, so you can continue to chuck virtual banana skins & squid ink at your mates, from the comfort of your own sofa.   

There are two ways to play multiplayer for free: 

  1. Set up a custom ‘room’ with up to 7 friends and make your own rules. You can pick the max speed and choose the item slots  
  2. Play with others around the world in 100cc-speed races 

We just can’t get enough of the nostalgia at the moment, make us feel that little bit more positive.  


2. Kahoot (iOS/Android)

(Source: Kahoot! from Google Play)


Here at Nido we love to use Kahoot!’ for weekly quizzes that get the whole team involved. Kahoot! allows you to make your own multiple choice or true or false questions to test you on any topic you like. Friends, Harry Potter & The Inbetweeners are some of our favourites! 

If you’re feeling a little lazythere are loads of ready-made quizzes you can choose from. Perfect for making you look like Friday’s freshest quiz master!  


3. Draw Something (iOS/Android)

(Source: Zynga)


No drawing skills required we promise… think stick figures.   

Draw Something allows you to select a word to draw, then sit back and relax while you watch your friends try and guess your doodle masterpiece.  It can be hilarious with friends and is a good way to keep in touch with family as it’s suitable for almost any age!


4. Words with friends (iOS/Android)


If you’re a scrabble lover or just want to use your procrastination time to improve youvocab, Words with Friends is the app for you. Players take it in turns to build words crossword-puzzle style to try and gain more points than their opponent. 

You can also use the app to chat with friends whilst playing and track your performance against each other which makes for some healthy competition! 


5. UNO! (iOS/Android)


Most commonly known as a card game to be played whilst on holiday (centre parcs activity anyone?), UNO! is now also an app. Connect anytime, anywhere with your friends from around the world in a variety of games: 

Buddy up – work together in 2v2 mode, a unique teamwork game based on strategy.  

Rule your room  set up a game with your own rules. They have also added some new cards such as discard all’ which completely removes one colour from your hand.  

While in-game you can send voice messages to other players and you can even yell UNO! Into your device when you’re about to win… so good.  


So there you have it, our top 5 social game apps, far be it from us to distract you from studying, but you know, we’ve all got to keep spirits high and keep connected during this time. If you’ve discovered the next Mario Kart and want to spread the word, tell us about it via Instagram or Facebook and we’ll add it here.  



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