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World Emoji Day!

Posted in Community by on July 17, 2020
Happy World Emoji Day!

**Warning: excessive emoji usage ahead**


Today, the 17th of July, is not just a regular Friday… it’s World Emoji Day!! ? Here at Nido we love a good emoji. We firmly believe an emoji can spice up any text or sentence and should be used often. ? But, where did the emoji come from? Why does it bring us so much joy? What emoji are we most like? Your Nido team is here to help answer these questions. ?


A Timeline of the Emoji and its Evolution ?️⌚
  • 1990s- The beginning of emoji time- <3 and 🙂 started popping up in messages between teens in Japan
  • 1997– The world’s first set of emojis from a company named “J-Phone”1999– Shigetaka Kurita creates a bank of 176 emojis for the release of a Japanese mobile phone ?
  • 2008– Apple releases emojis in the Japanese market… everyone else has to do some hacking to get them ?
  • 2010– Emoji is standardized by Uicode ?
  • 2011– Apple launches their emojis worldwide ?
  • 2012– Apple begins expanding their emoji representation by adding same-sex couples holding hands ??
  • 2020– Emojis are beloved by all and celebrated by Nido and the rest of the nation! ?. ?


Our Favorites

It’s no secret that we play favorites when we use emojis. Here are the emojis that make the Nido team smile:

  • Most used- ? ?. ?. ?
  • When we say “oops!”- ?. ?‍♂️. ?. ?
  • What we add for fun- ?. ?. ?. ?
  • Honorable Mention- ?. ?. ?. ?


What Your Most Used Emoji Says About You

We all have our go-to emojis. Sure, they might change if you happen to be watching the season finale of your favorite show (?. ?. ?) or if the package you’ve been waiting for arrives (? ? ?), but they always circle back in the end. So, here’s the million-pound question… What do your most used emojis say about you?


  • ? ? Heart/star eyes- You have a kind heart and tend to get really excited about things
  • ? Laugh cry- You know how to find the humor in any situation and probably just giggled at what you’re responding to
  • ? Sideways eyes- You always know what’s going on with your friends and you hold some juicy secrets
  • ? Tearful eyes- You have a deep appreciation for the cuteness in the world (how are those puppy videos doing?)
  • ?. Crying face- You have powerful emotions and make decisions based on your heart
  • ?. Two hearts- You’re a hopeless romantic and have probably watched every rom-com on Netflix
  • ?. Upside down face- You’re witty and sarcastic. Your friends come to you for a laugh!
  • ?. Sunglasses- You’re confident and outgoing and… let’s face it… probably use this emoji ironically


Emoji Quiz

You know what your favorite emojis say about you now but what emoji are you? Take this quiz to find out. https://www.buzzfeed.com/nourabukhari/what-emoji-are-you-6uv5203rdl


Now that we’ve answered some of your burning questions about emojis, we hope you are able to celebrate this world holiday accordingly!


-Your Nido Team ?