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The new WFH: Workout from home

Why is WFH so important now?

Physical activity is good for your body – simple. From keeping your heart healthy to improving joints and bones, exercising has a range of benefits. However, it’s not just our body that exercises impacts, it’s our minds and wellbeing too.

Celebrate World Health Day by Starting with Yourself

It’s been said by someone much wiser than us that our first and last love is self-love.

8 Stages of Feels During the Student Christmas Break

From the excitement of finishing for your holidays to the stress of dealing with exams, you might be feeling a bit all over the place over these next few weeks. Here, we’ll go through the stages you might well feel during your Christmas break.

The Ultimate Guide to Owning Student Life, Part One: Cooking Like A Pro

Whether you’re a total newbie in the kitchen or a master chef, learning new things won’t be limited to the lecture theatre whilst you’re at uni. And when it comes to cooking, the more techniques you have under your belt, the better you’re equipped to make some awesome stuff to scoff.