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Get up to £400 off your room if you book today.

The Nido Blackout x Hoodie Handout

Posted in Sustainability by andre on February 21, 2019

As part of our Nido Student rebrand, sustainability has been chosen as one of our key brand pillars with the aim of raising awareness, educating our residents, and most importantly encouraging them to engage in sustainability focussed activities.


Introducing the Nido Blackout X Hoodie Handout, an exciting event designed to push the importance of sustainability in our residences and demonstrate how a small change can make a huge difference. In February, Nido Student house teams across the UK handed out Nido branded hoodies to our students to say thanks for living with us. But the fun didn’t stop there. After the handout, we invited our residents to turn off their heating, electrical appliances and lights and asked them to meet our house teams outside the residence and celebrate saving electricity with their very own sparkler light display. Overall, we handed out over 571 hoodies!



We partnered up with our energy management consultants, Amber Energy, in order to track the effectiveness of the event. By gathering the statistics from the same hour in the previous week and building a comparison we are able to celebrate the efforts made by our residents.


We also invited Electric Pedals to supply our West Hampstead Blackout with super cool user-generated power pedal bikes. If our residents wanted to hear the DJ play, they had to pedal for it, so not only did we save energy, we created our own.



Overall, the Nido Student Blackout achieved an average drop of 2% in energy per residence, with our top performers being Cambridge Castle Hill with a drop of 15%, Glasgow St James with a drop of 11% and a 3% drop across all three of our Newcastle buildings; The Bridge, Stepney Yard and Union Square.


The Nido Blackout will look to become an annual event in Nido Student’s sustainable practice as we develop our new experiential brand pillar programme.