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The new WFH: Workout from home

Posted in Wellbeing by on April 7, 2020



Working from home? Workout from home too.


Here’s why…

Physical activity is good for your body – simple. From keeping your heart healthy to improving joints and bones, exercising has a range of benefits. However, it’s not just our body that exercises impacts, it’s our minds and wellbeing too.


Working out is proven to make us feel more positive, more alert and more energetic. Regardless of whether we’re pumping iron in our newly designed home gyms, or simply taking a stroll through the park for your one-exercise-a-day routine, it all helps. Apps like Nike (IOS, Android) & Strava (IOS, Android) have some great home workout options or audio running guides for beginners, so if you’re not sure where to start, why not try out one of those? Soon you’ll start seeing all these benefits.


Positive state of mind

Exercise is proven to have a positive impact on our mood. A study found that mood immediately improves after periods of physical activity, leaving participants feeling more content, a sense of calmness but also more awake and ready to take on the day.


Decrease in stress levels

The more common symptoms of stress include insomnia, sweating & eczema. These are physical ways of your body telling you something is wrong. Taking part in physical activity can instantly reduce that stress level, without needing to change anything else. Research has proven that employed adults with high active routines tend to have lower stress levels in comparison to those who are deemed to be less active. So, if you’re finding it all a bit much at the moment, why not take a break, try to do something activity and see how you feel afterward?


The confidence in ourselves skyrockets

Feeling good about yourself is important. We care about your wellbeing, and your self-esteem is a big part of that, feeling good physically can have a direct correlation to feeling good mentally. So, whether you’re into yoga, running or tai chi, get active and feel literally fabulous.


We’re also benefitting physically…

Exercise has so many physical benefits too, a little reminder of just some of the ways you’re maintaining your body when you go for that stroll or jog:

  • Reducing the risk of heart attacks
  • Managing weight
  • Lowering cholesterol & blood pressure
  • Increasing bone density
  • Increasing muscle and joint strength


To maintain a healthy active lifestyle, reducing the risk of health problems, it’s recommended you aim for at least 30mins a day of moderate-intensity exercise. To get you motivated, that’s where we come in!

We know that the government has closed down the nation’s gyms, including ours, and therefore working out can be a little bit tougher than anticipated during this lockdown period. So, we were working from home thinking to ourselves “How can we combat this?” In response, we have created the Nido virtual events programme.

Aimed at keeping us together and interactive as a community during this tricky time, the Nido events programme brings you the latest in exercising your body and mind, via Instagram Live – @nidostudent.

If you want a class to really make you sweat, then try one with Ash Atour, Nido’s personal trainer, or if you’re looking for something a little more relaxed why not try one of our Yoga, Meditation or Art Classes? There’s an event out there for everyone, so mark your favourites in your calendar now and we’ll see you there.