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Refer your friends and earn £1,000's.


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5 social games you can play when staying in-in is the new going out-out

We have all tried to keep on top of our studies recently, whether that’s by creating new daily routines, to-do lists or joining online lectures, but we could all do with a little break now and then and it’s especially important to stay social & connected (virtually) at the moment.   

How to stay healthy, happy & connected while you’re self-isolating

We think a lot about how to bring people together in safe and happy ways, even more now, during this period of self-isolation & social distancing. It can feel a bit scary out there at the moment, especially if you’re living away from home or on your own, but don’t forget we are all in it together. Challenges are what makes our next generation, adversity is no match for our residents, and besides, we’re the digital generation!

How Using Proprep Can Benefit Your STEM Studies

Student life can be tough work, from learning how to budget, to getting that crucial work/social life balance right. One of the hardest aspects is navigating a new way of learning alongside a higher level of independent work.

Amazing Apps to Help You Through Your Time at Uni

With the Christmas break over and done with, getting back into the swing of things as the upcoming term begins can be difficult. After a few weeks of over-indulging, it’ll be early starts, late night library sessions and endless essays filling up your schedule very soon. Alongside the usual uni work, balancing your social life and health means there’ll be a lot on your plate over the next few months.