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Posted in Student Life by on May 27, 2016

Every week we’ll be featuring one of our brilliant residents to bring you advice on preparing for university.

This week we spoke to Jen who is in her 1st year of Applied Theatre & Education at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (RCSSD). Have a read below to see what Jen’s experience as a Nido Student resident is like!

What was it about RCSSD that made you want to study there?
I’ve always been interested in running my own theatre company so studying at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama would enable me to further my passion and get higher up on the professional ladder.

How did you feel when you were accepted into university?
I felt kind of numb to start off with, I didn’t really realise it was true because there aren’t many places available but to study at Central School is a fantastic achievement.

If you were, to sum up, your accommodation search process in one word, what would it be?
Intense because there is a lot of pressure moving so far away from home but I’m really pleased that I found somewhere that I’m happy to stay.

Do you have any advice on the accommodation search process?
I would say to anyone looking for accommodation to start early because places get snapped up really quickly and I didn’t want to do a sharer stay so staying somewhere with other students was kind of perfect.

Did you find it hard to leave home?
Leaving home was tough. I’ve lived away from home before but I knew this was more of a permanent thing, I live in West Wales so it takes seven hours to get here so I don’t go home during term time, its tough but I’m enjoying it.

If you could only take three things with you to university, what would you take?
My teddy bear, my chair (I love my chair!) and my laptop.

How are you finding London compared to home?
London’s very different to home obviously it’s a big city and I come from a small village in West Wales there’s lots to do here although I miss home, I love the big lights of the city also I love the fact I can go to shows and jump on a tube and go to somewhere completely different.

What would you recommend doing while living in the capital?
I’d definitely recommend the shows but I guess I’m biased because I’m a drama student. There are some fantastic plays and musicals to see also there’s loads of live music, events, gigs and then you’ve got sightseeing stuff, its all fab and there’s loads of things to do and different types of people.

You’re 1 year into the University process now, anything you’d do differently?
I don’t think I’d do anything differently I’m enjoying my course I’m enjoying the social aspects of living in London, yeah its all good.


We love featuring students in our #studentlife series, if you’d like to share with other Nido Student residents what your Uni and Nido experience has been like – get in touch!