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The student guide to alcohol-free activities at uni

Let’s be honest, university and alcohol go together like gin and tonic. And by that, we mean, you’ll encounter a fair share of drinking, perhaps more than you may be used to.

Could you pass the first year of a maths degree? Take our test to find out

When it comes to studying maths at university level, there’s being good with numbers and then there’s using precision, logic and skill to overcome mathematical challenges of all shapes and sizes. When you’re at uni, the maths of the lecture theatre is a lot different than what you might’ve been used to in the classroom.

The International Student’s Guide to Tax

  Starting university can be daunting, but if you’re moving to the UK from another country, making the trip overseas can be more overwhelming than usual. With more things to factor in compared to non-international students, preparation and planning are essential.

Students’ takes on politics in 2020

  Throughout history, students and politics have always gone hand in hand, for better or worse. No matter how politically engaged you are or which side you lean towards, one thing is for sure: these are politically confused times.

Talking to Grads – Press Office Assistant Manager Olivia Shalofsky

  The second in our series of graduates chit chats, we’re sitting down with Olivia Shalofsky to talk about her time at university.

Applying to University: The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to applying to university, there’s a lot to consider. You need to decide on the course you want to devote the next three or so years to, narrow down where you want to study, and go through the process of applying through UCAS.

The Student Guide to Staying on Top of Your Mental Health

If you’ve been feeling down, struggling with certain things or just not seeming yourself, then it’s important to know that you’re not alone – reports have shown that one in four students experience mental health problems during their time at university.

How Do Student Loans Work?

If you’re planning on going to university, then you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of student loans. From the amount you’ll pay for tuition to what finance you’re eligible to receive, the more research you do before applying, the better.


If you feel comfortable in your place of study then you’re in the best possible learning environment. There is a range of campuses around the UK some featuring futuristic architecture and others feeling reassuringly ancient. Here’s our quick guide to some of the coolest campuses in the country.

Everything You Need to Know About Clearing

For those of you looking to go to university this year, results day will probably be one of the most intense moments of your lives. On this day, you’ll find out if the hours of studying and sleepless nights paid off. To help you through it, we’ve created a short guide to the process and how to prepare for it.

What Does University Cost for International Students?

  Home to some of the world’s most iconic and renowned institutions, as well as many popular, culturally diverse cities, it’s easy to see why the UK is a place where many international students choose to further their education.

How to apply to UK Universities as an International Student

The United Kingdom features some of the world’s best educational institutions, located in both busy, exciting cities and iconic, historic towns alike. If you’re thinking of applying to one of the UK’s many, many universities from abroad, then we’re not surprised!