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Positive effects of global self-isolation

Posted in Blog by on May 15, 2020

COVID-19 is affecting everyone across the world, the news is difficult to process for a lot of people and is rightly focussed on the families and the key workers tied up in this difficult situation. But amid all the worrying and sad news, there are some positive effects of this global isolation. We just wanted to put them out there to help anyone trying to find some positives today.


1. Improved air quality

Countries have closed schools, restaurants, bars, museums and other public venues – all of which reduce the number of air-polluting activities. Plus, due to the travel restrictions, air-travel and public transport systems are running a much-reduced service, which together meaning air quality is improving massively. Especially in busy cities across the globe.



2. Clearer waters

Venice has seen a vast improvement in the water quality of the famous canals that run through the city. As tourists haven’t been able to visit the city, the once-bustling boat paths are quiet, making the usually murky waters run clear, you can even see the fish.



3. Acts of kindness

Global isolation also brings out the best in people all around the globe. Many people have tried to the more vulnerable groups in the community, offering to get their essentials like groceries or medicines, plus huge donations have been made to healthcare providers all over the world. Facebook said hundreds of thousands of people in the UK had joined local support groups set up for the virus, while similar groups have been formed in Canada, sparking a trend there known as “caremongering”.


4. A feeling of togetherness

Before COVID-19, most people were busy balancing hectic work and home life and so often forget to look at those around them. COVID-19 is affecting us all and therefore has brought many communities around the globe closer together. From singing on Italian balcony’s to fitness instructors giving classes from the rooftop or even online for the whole country, there has been a great sense of community building. COVID-19 has also emphasized the important and amazing job healthcare workers are doing and thousands of Europeans have been applauding them from their homes. Just like we say: we’re all in this together.



5. Increase in (digital) creativity

Now that millions of people are stuck at home, many are coming up with creative solutions to keep themselves busy. All over social media, people are sharing their (new) hobbies, including reading, painting, knitting & baking (our insta feed has been full of banana bread this week). Plus, while many art galleries and zoos are closed, lots of places are offering virtual tours through the gallery or live streams of zoo animals.