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The Perfect Study Songs Revealed

We all have our favourite bands, artists and songs, but are they any good for studying? To find out, we’ve been crunching some stats and looking at the science behind what makes the perfect song for study.

The new WFH: Workout from home

Why is WFH so important now?

Physical activity is good for your body – simple. From keeping your heart healthy to improving joints and bones, exercising has a range of benefits. However, it’s not just our body that exercises impacts, it’s our minds and wellbeing too.

A letter from Michelle Donelan, the Universities Minister

We wanted to bring the attention of the entire Nido community to a really important open letter, written by Michelle Donelan the Universities Minster to all students in higher education across the UK.

How to stay healthy, happy & connected while you’re self-isolating

We think a lot about how to bring people together in safe and happy ways, even more now, during this period of self-isolation & social distancing. It can feel a bit scary out there at the moment, especially if you’re living away from home or on your own, but don’t forget we are all in it together. Challenges are what makes our next generation, adversity is no match for our residents, and besides, we’re the digital generation!

The student guide to handling exam stress

In the run-up to exams, stress can creep in right when you don’t want it to. The pressure to succeed can overwhelm us, creating a state of mind that may negatively affect both our preparation and exam performance.

The student guide to alcohol-free activities at uni

Let’s be honest, university and alcohol go together like gin and tonic. And by that, we mean, you’ll encounter a fair share of drinking, perhaps more than you may be used to.

Could you pass the first year of a maths degree? Take our test to find out

When it comes to studying maths at university level, there’s being good with numbers and then there’s using precision, logic and skill to overcome mathematical challenges of all shapes and sizes. When you’re at uni, the maths of the lecture theatre is a lot different than what you might’ve been used to in the classroom.

Studying in London: How to live for less in the nation’s capital

  With so much to do, so many places to eat and the benefit of studying in one of the world’s best cities, living in London as a student is a truly awesome thing.