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How to celebrate international holidays as a student in the UK

From Thanksgiving to Chinese New Year, there are countless religious and national holidays that you might want to celebrate as an international student living in the UK.

What Clearing Looks Like in 2020

You’ve worked hard, survived the stress of your final year at school. You thought you knew exactly what you wanted and were ready to spread your wings. Then coronavirus took us all by surprise. All of a sudden your future isn’t so clear anymore. Does this mean that you are the unlucky generation of students who should put their dreams aside? Of course not. The clearing process allows you to create new dreams.

How do our students score us on wellbeing?

One of the most important things to us is looking after our students and their mental wellbeing, so we’re delighted to see even more positive results come out of the NSHS survey this year, this time for wellbeing.  

World Emoji Day!

Today, the 17th of July, is not just a regular Friday… it’s World Emoji Day!! 🎉 Here at Nido we love a good emoji. We firmly believe an emoji can spice up any text or sentence and should be used often. 🧀 But, where did the emoji come from?

Key Findings from our NSHS Survey

Here at Nido Student, we’re always listening and learning from our students. We pride ourselves on our students’ experience with us, so, their feedback is crucial when it comes to making sure their stay with us is a positive one.  

The best study cafés in Coventry

Looking to get up-to-speed with those lecture notes or get your head down for that end-of-term exam? Dotted all over the city, Coventry offers plenty of places to swot up and study away from your university library in the form of some excellent cafés.

The 9 best apps for keeping in touch with your family when you head to uni

Whichever way you look at it, heading off to university is a big deal. Sure, there’ll be plenty of new learning experiences and you’re probably geared up to have more than your fair share of fun, but leaving the family behind isn’t going to be easy – especially if you’re heading far from home.

International Students’ Guide: What to Know When You Graduate

Until this year, international students had just four months after graduation to make their mark before their student VISA was up.