Get up to £1,500 off your room if you book today. T&Cs apply.
Get up to £1,500 off your room if you book today.

Packing for uni? Make sure you’ve got the essentials

Posted in Blog by romylevin on September 3, 2021


So, you got the grades, confirmed your university place and booked your room (if not don’t panic, check out if there’s a Nido room available in your new uni city here). Now it’s time to pack!

Read on for the low-down on everything you could possibly need for student living and use our handy packing checklist below to get prepared.


1. Check the details

Find out what’s already included in your new home and save yourself doubling up on things like kitchen appliances. It’s also a good idea to check the size of the bed so you can buy the right bed sheets.


2. Find the nearest stores

Save yourself some luggage space and grab the bulkier items (kitchenware, bedding, stationary) from a homewares store or big supermarket (often a great budget option) nearby. Having said that, we’d definitely recommend bringing one clean set of bed sheets with you, so you don’t have to put on a wash the day you arrive!


3. The power of freebies

One of the great things about uni is that you’ll never need to buy stationary again! Fresher’s week, accommodation events and job fairs are all rife with free pens, highlighters, notepads, USBs and more.


4. Decoration

Our rooms at Nido are fully furnished, but you’ll probably want to give yours some personal touches to really make it your own – think picture frames, ornaments plants! You’ll also find a large pinboard waiting to be filled with photos and posters – just remember to bring some pins. It’ll feel like home in no time.


5. Tech & electronics

Don’t forget to pack chargers for any devices you’re taking with you. You can connect up to 6 devices at a time to the Ask4 WiFi in our Nido residences, so you can bring your gaming set up and all the trimmings!


6. Clothes

Aside from your everyday clothes, you might want to check out what uni events are coming up in case you need to grab some fancy dress! Charity shops, markets and vintage stores are a great place to start.


Heading off to uni is a super exciting time, and we also know that all the admin, packing – not to mention leaving home – can be a bit stressful. Hopefully our top tips and the handy checklist below will help make sure you’ve got all the essentials packed, so you can get on with meeting your flatmates and exploring your new neighbourhood!



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