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We need your help! Vote for Nido Student as Best Student Housing Operator


Posted in London by on September 2, 2014


Our residents and staff are some of the most interesting and inventive people from around the globe. We feel very privileged to share their stories of ambition and success with you.

[Sales and Reservations Department]

Painter and illustrator
Studied Marketing & Business

Meet Dagmar, one of our resident interns. Originally from the Czech Republic, Dagmar has lived in France, Italy, New York, Johannesburg, and now Nido London.

From a young age, my passion has always been art and colour. It wasn’t until I was 19 years old that I decided to make a career around painting and illustrating. During that time, I met an artist who gave my work a really bad critique. This ended up being the turning point for my career. It made me realise that I can really paint and my drive and passion to create a serious picture outweigh any doubt that critique may have given me.

Living at Nido, I’m surrounded by inspiration in the street art, design galleries and history of the city. My favourite places to wander around are Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market as every corner is full of art.

My advice would be to never let a bad review affect your ambition and to try to find inspiration in the little things.

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