We need your help! Vote for Nido Student as Best Student Housing Operator
We need your help! Vote for Nido Student as Best Student Housing Operator

Key Findings from our NSHS Survey

Posted in Student Accommodation by on July 10, 2020

Here at Nido Student, we’re always listening and learning from our students. We pride ourselves on our students experience with us, so, their feedback is crucial when it comes to making sure their stay with us is a positive one.

One of the ways we gather that feedback is by participating in the annual National Student Housing Survey, this survey collates all of our residents’ feedback in several different areas of our service and provides detailed information on how we’re scoring across each department, and how these results compare against industry averages.

Although the NSHS survey was sadly cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were still able to encourage a large number of our students to take part, and here are our results below:


NPS Score of 31

NPS stands for Net Promoter Survey and calculates its score based on 3 categories – detractors, passives and promoters, or in simple terms, those that didn’t enjoy their time with us, those that feel neither positive nor negative, and those that did enjoy themselves and would advocate Nido based on their experience.


Nido scored +31, to put that into context, here are some figures to relate it to:

  • Nido scored far above the benchmark for all private halls (+13)
  • Our score is 32 points higher than the -1 NPS score achieved for all university halls
  • +31 is a notable increase from Nido’s 2019’s Spring score of +12
  • 1/3rd of students score Nido 10 out of 10!


We’re incredibly excited to have achieved such a positive NPS score and see that Nido provides students with a very memorable accommodation experience.

Accommodation Features

Our students’ feedback from the survey shows us that they happy with the majority of our accommodation features. They’ve rated us high scores for condition and quality, availability of communal space and bedroom space, internet, opportunities for social interaction, range and quality of local amenities and travel time to their place of study.


With positive results in all of these areas in mind, Nido Students value for money rating scored 66% Very good/good, which exceeds the average benchmarks for other providers. The results from the survey indicate that on the whole students are happy with the location of our residences and are happy with the accommodation and ranges of social spaces that are unique to each of our buildings.


We know that our team on the ground plays a hugely important role in your stay with us. We were hoping our management scores would reflect that, and well, maybe you should make your judgements from the results below:

  • Overall management scores were largely positive with 82% rating overall management as very good/good
  • We saw an upward trend on ratings in Spring ’19
  • Staff friendliness, staff knowledge and responsiveness scored very highly and highlighted this as a key area of strength for Nido.
  • The rating for overall management was significantly ahead of all other average benchmarks

One thing we want to make clear is that it’s not just the positives we focus on, if anything, it’s a great way for us to focus on the areas we need to look to improve.


We know that you and our potential students value the future of their planet, and we’ve been making several introductions to our residences to reduce our carbon footprint and introduce sustainability as a standard. We also continue to provide giveaways that are sustainable and work with partner partners that have a sustainable focus on their products such as Rise & Fall. We don’t stop there, as we know our students want more from us, and we’re more than happy to oblige, so going forward we will be reviewing our current recycling facilities to continue to drive our commitment to sustainability.


We have also already begun work on making sure hygiene and maintenance are at the top of their game, now so more than ever (keep an eye out for our new Nido commitments coming soon, to find out more on this topic).


The survey covers so much more than just the above, and we want to share all the great news with you, so keep an eye out for more blogs coming soon about how we performed in the National Student Housing Survey.