We need your help! Vote for Nido Student as Best Student Housing Operator
We need your help! Vote for Nido Student as Best Student Housing Operator


Posted in Student Accommodation by on May 31, 2012

My title is the Residence Life Programme Manager. I am sure you are wondering “What is the Residence Life Programme anyway?” I am glad you asked as it gives me something to blog about!

Residence Life is the idea that your home, during your Uni years, can be so much more than a place to sleep. Your residential experience can be entertaining, enlightening, fun and can even help you learn. A study of students living in a residential environment, like Nido, says that students become more involved on campus, have more social interaction with peers, have more persistence to graduation and have greater opportunities for personal growth and development. So, how is living at Nido going to do all this for you?

First and foremost, we have a large team of people who work here just for you. These staff members make up the Residence Life team. My role is to drive the mission of the programme. So, that of course means, we need to hire great people! These people are the Residence Life Coordinators (or RLCs). They are the “captains of the ship”, so to speak. The RLC’s are responsible for the Residence Life Programme in your building. They ensure that your experience is going to be educational, safe and most importantly, fun! RLC’s enforce Nido’s policies, plan events, engage your community and supervise the Resident Assistants.

Wait, what is a Resident Assistant?

Resident Assistants (RA’s) are Uni students who work at Nido as staff members. These students receive discounted rent and are compensated for the work they do in the hall. RA’s have so many roles at Nido. Those roles include:

• Student
• Role model
• Problem solver
• Conflict mediator
• Resource person
• Trained observer
• Community builder
• Event planner
• Counselor
• And much more…

As you can see, the RA role is one of the most comprehensive roles at Nido. No student problem escapes the RA’s involvement. Make sure you get to know your RA when you move into Nido. You never know when you will need their help.

With all of these Residence Life Staff members, you can be sure that Nido is going to be there for you. So, get involved, meet your neighbour and have a blast! If you have any questions about the Residence Life Programme, send me an email or comment below. I would love to hear from you. Over the next few posts, we will introduce you to the Residence Life team.