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How Using Proprep Can Benefit Your STEM Studies

Posted in Brand Partners by on February 5, 2020

Student life can be tough work, from learning how to budget, to getting that crucial work/social life balance right. One of the hardest aspects is navigating a new way of learning alongside a higher level of independent work.

This is where our new partnership with Proprep can help you. Their aim is to make your life easier and reduce academic stress by improving your understanding of challenging learning materials. With their help, you can get the best out of student life with bespoke video tutorials that are customised to your actual course. From linear algebra to calculus and statistics these videos will help you:

  1. Prioritise your productivity
  2. Explain and test you on key concepts from your lectures
  3. Keep you updated when you have missed a lecture or two

As a long-time expert in supporting students via online learning resources, Proprep also ensures you have everything you need to get the results you want. Working closely with UK universities and a range of professors, they ensure all their video tutorials are accurate, precise and provide the exact materials you need.



This is why they are the perfect supplementary learning tool for your STEM module or degree. Try out their platform and alongside access, you will receive a course textbook, practise exam papers and study guides based on your professor’s testing style.

Knowing this information is there when you need it means you can relax and work at your own speed. This way, you can balance up what you want to do, alongside what you need to do.

To see how it works, we can offer you an extended free trial with Proprep that gives you four weeks of access to the learning platform.

Benefits include:

  • A four-week trial with Proprep (no credit card details are needed to sign up for this trial)
  • A 10% discount on your annual subscription. The standard monthly subscription (without the discount) is £12 per month and if paid annually £8 per month
  • A percentage of your subscription will also be donated directly to the Design & Technology charity Code Your Future. This is a non-profit organisation supporting refugees and disadvantaged individuals


To learn more about Proprep and to redeem your 4 weeks of free access, click here.