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Posted in Student Life by on August 7, 2012

Camille Mola is a former resident of Nido. She has her own blog and posted about her experience living there! Check out her blog HERE or read her post below:

So maybe you’re like me, and are dreaming about living in a quaint little flat once you arrive in London; you know, like in the movies. In my head, I was imagining a lovely little flat, where I could admire Big Ben and The Eye from my window. Well I can keep dreaming, because that’s not exactly what happened for me in London. But I did happen to get even luckier, thanks to Nido.

If you find yourself living in Nido, prepare yourself for an amazing semester.

After a late night of partying – I mean studying – there’s nothing nicer than being able to go downstairs to the Cafe and ordering a delicious meal. And if you’re a guy and are getting bored waiting for the girls to get ready for a night out (like our guy friends often were), there’s not one, but two places you can play pool, football, and ping pong. And once everyone was finally ready to go out, we were only a few minutes walk away from a bus stop and the tube station. Believe you me, this is a huge convenience.

A nice thing about living so close to St. Pancras was that it made travelling abroad extremely easy. St. Pancras is an international station, meaning you can travel to other European countries with ease; and we know you’re going to want to explore Europe during your time abroad.

My best friends lived on my floor, and they were only a knock away. Although I lived in a two person room, it really felt like there was four of us, because we were constantly in each others rooms. And when we felt like bugging the boys and causing trouble, they were only one floor away.

Living in Nido was an awesome experience, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. So if you find yourself living there, get ready for an amazing time. Cheers!