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Get up to £1,500 off your room if you book today.


Posted in Student Life by on September 6, 2012

It is my final week in Nido and soon it will be time for me to check-out. My room is still nice and tidy. The bright clean feel to it helps motivate you to keep everything tidy. I had to go down to reception to get a hoover so I could get rid of the dust on my wooden floors, it’s great that one is supplied and it made a big difference to the cleanliness of the room. The bathroom is easy to clean too, with everything openly accessible and the materials allow dirt to be wiped away without any trouble.

Also, with the big window shutters that open, a lot of fresh air flows in and keeps the room smelling nice, even with a big 6 foot 7 guy like me wandering about the place excessively.

The staff have been very helpful with any issues that I had. I reported a fault with my hobs turning off and they came round within hours to sort it out. I was out at the time, but a note was left explaining the problem had been fixed. Seeing the staff on the previous week in the café having a nice time was good too. It’s good when the staff get involved to help create a positive atmosphere and that is what makes Nido a nice place to stay. It can be as cool as anything, but if the people you are surrounded by are not cool, then nothing is cool. Luckily at Nido, everything is cool, materialistic or not.

Local Pubs have been a hot spot for me. I find them a great place to chill out and meet some new people. It’s nice to go to pubs with my girlfriend too, and going round the local area looking for the coolest pub was fun.

So my stay is coming to an end. Thanks to Nido, I was able to attend a high profile event in London, and without being nearby, it would not have been possible. The place is cool, the area is nice, and you are right in the heart of the city with everything readily available to you. Nido = Highly recommended.