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Get up to £1,500 off your room if you book today.


Posted in Student Life by on August 23, 2012

My second week has passed here at Nido and I feel quite at home. It’s a shame I only get a month’s stay as it would fit my needs quite well.

This week I was all settled in so I wanted to try out and see what Nido has to offer in terms of entertainment and social. I found myself in the cafe playing Pool with my girlfriend and winning, and then playing Foosball with my girlfriend and losing…terribly. I guess we can’t all be good at everything. The Closing Ceremony came along and was available to view in the Cafe Lounge, but we went to a local bar instead which was only a few minutes walk from Nido and in a great location, meaning once the ceremony finished late at night it was no challenge to get back to our safe location six floors up and into a comfy bed.

There is also a movie night every Sunday in the Screening Room, so I will look forward to next weekend to experience that side of the Social element of Nido and hopefully it will be a nice opportunity to meet some fellow students who reside here.

There are some great places to grab some food in the nearby area. Tesco is only minutes away if you fancy being a chef for the night, or you can eat out at many places or simply grab a burrito in the nearby cafe using the easy to get vouchers for a free drink with it.

I also had the joy of trying out the Gym. I finished my induction and went on in on the machines which I am used to using and working out on. There is some great cardio equipment available too for those weight loss times and general stamina building. Sadly there was no free weights but the machines are designed to reach out to every part of your body, so you can train it all.

I look forward to seeing what I find to do at Nido next week, and writing my next blog post.