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8 Stages of Feels During the Student Christmas Break

Posted in Wellbeing by on December 20, 2018

Phew! You’ve made it: four months into uni and the first term is done and dusted. The last 12 weeks of student life have brought with them new faces and places, as well as a fair bit of work if you’ve been sticking to your timetable! Now that’s over, you’ve got a Christmas break to rest up and relax – for a while at least.

Though not all courses work the same way, some students will have January exams to contend with when they return, which unfortunately means revision, revision, and revision. We don’t mean to spoil your fun already, but you’ll more than likely catch your fair share of feels during the time off.

From the excitement of finishing for your holidays to the stress of dealing with exams, you might be feeling a bit all over the place over these next few weeks. Here, we’ll go through the stages you might well feel during your Christmas break.


Stage 1: Excitement


You’ve handed in your final essays, finished up the last of the term’s lectures and packed up all presents, clothes and textbooks to take back home with you. Chances are your excitement level is about to go off the chart.

Whether you’re having one final night out with your friends or making the trip back to the parents, the end of term is always a cause for celebration. There’s nothing quite like getting home, seeing old friends from college and school, swapping uni stories and reconnecting after your respective studies are over.

It’s time to treat yourself, too. Whatever you like to do, you’re free to do it – from binging on box sets or making plans with your pals. The exams are a while off yet, so make sure you’re letting your hair down. You might be dealing with some serious FOMO if you don’t.

Stage 2: Anticipation

If you’re planning on celebrating Christmas, then you’re probably going to be readying yourself for the big day. You might have spent the last four months doing a good job of acting mature (sometimes, at least) but Christmas always brings out the giddy little kid in the best of us.

From Christmas dinner and present opening to playing board games with the family, the anticipation of celebrating around this time of year is real. Raise a glass to the good times and be sure to make the most of it, because soon…

Stage 3: Tiredness

Tired Beagle Santa

…you’re going to be feeling the results of endless mince pies, a ton of leftover turkey sandwiches, and enough TV repeats to knock out an elephant. Beds, pillows, and sofas at the ready: you’ll soon be slipping into a food coma that’ll put you out of action for the rest of the day.

There’s only so many rich, decadent foods you can scoff before the effects kick in, so be prepared to catch up on sleep whether you want to or not. Luckily, having slept off the grub and risen from your slumber, you’ll be fighting fit for the next feel.


Stage 4: Determination

Rocky Balboa Determination

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. With the revelry out of the way, the time has come to knuckle down and hit the books. The exams may be looming but you’re ready to study up a storm and absolutely smash it when January rolls around.

With the wrapping paper cleared away, your room will become your own personal study sanctuary stacked with cue cards, mind maps and all sorts of handy guides to make sure stuff sinks in. You’re a machine and nothing’s going to get in the way of bossing these exams.


Stage 5: Elation

Running Man Party

It’s New Year’s Eve. Get some mates round, sing your heart out and dance up a storm. You deserve to have a bit of a break to ring in the new year.

Stage 6: Realisation

Examination stress

If you reached stage 4 then you can probably bypass this next one, but if not, you could be in for a bumpy ride. Perhaps you’ve left your prep a little on the late side, or the penny’s dropped that you’re not retaining anything. Either way, we’ve all experienced that fear that we’re going make a mess of upcoming exams.

Stage 7: Desperation


OK, the Christmas break’s about to come to an end, panic stations at the ready. Even if you haven’t left it too late, get ready to cram like you’ve never crammed and put in some serious hours to make up for lost time. All is not lost, however – there’s plenty of resources at your disposal, especially in this modern age. Hit up your course mates online and help each other out, prepare by doing some practice papers and tests, and get visual with your revision to make sure you remember the most important facts.

Stage 8: Relief

Now that you’re back at uni, reunited with your friends and you’ve done some last-minute prep, you’re finally ready to face those exams. After all those late nights, endless revision sessions, and shredded nerves, you’ll soon be facing the final feel: sweet, sweet relief. Good job! You worried for nothing, the whole time.