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19 of the most binge-worthy series for students

Posted in Blog by on May 15, 2020

Whether you’re stuck indoors alone or fancy watching a boxset with your mates, there are loads of great series out there offering hour after hour of unbridled entertainment. Even on a student budget, it’s worth signing up for at least one of the mainstream streaming services – so you know your downtime will always be well spent.

The question is, which shows are worth devoting your time to? And on what platforms will you find them? Here, we take a look at 19 series that are well worth watching – just make sure none of your binge sessions interfere with your studies!


Shows to binge on Netflix



Bringing a new twist to the crime genre, Ozark is a relentless, pacey drama following the fortunes of the Byrde family as they attempt to talk themselves out of trouble with some less-than-friendly cartel folk. Starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, the show introduces an ever-growing cast of characters, to the point where you’re not sure who you’re rooting for. With three seasons at 10 eps apiece, there’s plenty to go at already, and more in the pipeline.


Breaking Bad

An undisputed icon of the small screen; if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad yet, where have you been? The show which catapulted Bryan Cranston beyond Malcolm in the Middle fame is a real must-watch, so add it to your list. All five seasons are yours to binge on Netflix, so strap in and prepare to let the ‘next episode’ timer run for the foreseeable. Funnily enough, Breaking Bad, too, features a Mexican drug cartel, but this show is very much the original. Miss it at your peril.


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Mad Men

For an immersive, slow-paced watch that will get you thinking (or at least craving an Old Fashioned), give Mad Men a try. The polar opposite of the two shows above, Mad Men is a masterclass in character development, and a must for any marketing undergrads among you. Fall in and out of love with Don Draper et al as the show takes you through a decade in the life of an acclaimed New York ad agency, with plenty of cultural touchpoints and entertaining side plots thrown in for good measure.


Shows to binge on Amazon Prime


The Marvellous Mrs Maisel

Amazon has steadily found its footing in the tele streaming universe, and it’s all thanks to shows like The Marvellous Mrs Maisel. In a similar vein to Mad Men, TMMM follows the fortunes of wealthy Jewish heiress Midge Maisel on her quest to become one of America’s first successful female comedians – with hilarious and often heart-breaking results. Filmed against the masochistic backdrop of 60s America, it’s a compelling watch that may have one of the best soundtracks of any binge watch on our shortlist.


Mr Robot

Scoring multiple Emmy awards, Mr Robot has been an unexpected runaway hit for Amazon. Now three seasons in, the show centres around Elliot Alderson, a cyber-security expert turned ‘hacktivist’ who finds himself facing off against no end of suspect businessmen and corrupt organisations. A drama about hacking may not sound all that interesting, but we promise, if not for Rami Malek’s performance alone, that this is well worth your binge minutes.


Red Oaks

If you’re after something a little more light-hearted, give Red Oaks a try. A coming-of-age comedy-drama, the show follows David, a student who takes a part-time job at an expensive Jewish country club in New Jersey in 1985. Witty, warm and charming, this is a watch you’ll genuinely care about, and be keen to see through to the end. The great thing is, episodes are just half an hour-long, so you can easily fit a few in on an evening while still finding time to study.


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Shows to binge on Now TV


Game of Thrones

It’s funny to think that some people haven’t seen Game of Thrones. Arguably the biggest TV series in history, GoT has won fans around the world for its twisty plot and hodgepodge of characters. If you managed to avoid spoilers (and bad press) when the show’s finale hit the small screen in 2019, we’d wholeheartedly recommend going back to the start to experience the series for yourself. All eight seasons are available to splurge on Now TV, and we guarantee you’ll be hooked from the get-go.


Big Little Lies

If you prefer your drama free from dragons and fantasy, why not binge the beautifully soundtracked Big Little Lies. Set on a seemingly idyllic stretch of California’s Pacific coast, the show, based on a book by Liane Moriarty, follows the lives of three women and their families as they attempt to negotiate the intricacies of modern life amid a backdrop of gossip and class difference. Starring huge stars like Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern and Reese Witherspoon, we think Big Little Lies ought to be your next Now TV binge.


Parks and Recreation

With 126 episodes to sink your teeth into, Parks and Recreation is the go-to sitcom for students with time on their hands. Featuring a big cast of characters in its seven-season run, the show is a political satire that walks a great line between comedy and drama, with enough laughs and witty dialogue to keep things interesting. Achieving cult status, Parks and Rec may be the most-watched student show ever. Add it to your list.




Best of the rest

Here are a handful of other shows we’d recommend the next time you have a free hour or so to spend:

  • Killing Eve – BBC
  • Black Mirror – Netflix
  • The Sopranos – Now TV
  • The Promise – Channel 4
  • American Horror Story – Netflix
  • Chernobyl – Now TV
  • Narcos – Netflix
  • Sherlock – BBC
  • Atypical – Netflix
  • Stranger Things – Netflix


Whether watching alone or with friends, you can binge your favourite TV shows in comfort with Nido. Our student homes are contemporary, stylish and cosy, offering the perfect base for life and study. For more information, visit the homepage today.