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10 Fun Night-In Ideas for You and Your Housemates

Posted in Blog by on October 13, 2020

With the new university year about a month old, things are looking a little bit different this time around.

As social distancing measures continue to be required to be adhered to the bustling hub of the SU bar and 2-4-1 student nights seem to have been brought to a halt.

However, the pandemic can only affect your uni experience as much as you let it. And, while it won’t be the same as last year, there are plenty of activities you and your roommates can get up to.


Board game night

A great way to start up a little competition, board games have evolved massively over the past few years. Perfect for those long nights sat indoors, even if you haven’t played a board game since you were small, there’s no better time to bring everything from Monopoly and Cluedo to Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit back once more.


students playing games


Video game competition

Chances are, one of your friends or flatmates will have a games console. Whether it’s a PS4, an Xbox or something else, these provide hours of fun, and, much like board games, can create an excellent tournament-style night to see who’s the best in your household.

If you don’t have a games console, why not try and get your hands on something vintage like an N64? These can be found online relatively cheap and have excellent multiplayer games – Mario Kart anyone?



One thing that proved hugely popular during lockdown was the Zoom quiz. So, why give them up so soon? From organising online Zoom quizzes with other flats and friends to a giant one with the whole residence, everyone loves a quiz.

Of course, you can keep it to the flat and take it in turns to be the quizmaster.


Digital disco

Fancy yourself as a bit of a DJ? Then why not host your own digital party? Again, these proved popular in lockdown with famous DJs hosting weekly sets and many clubs organising virtual ‘nights out’.

You can do this with your flat by creating a great party atmosphere and then hopping on Zoom or Houseparty and opening up the event to the rest of your mates – who knows where the night could go!

And the best part? You won’t need to find your way home at the end of the night as you’ll already be there.


girl dancing in living room


We do ask that you please adhere to your local Covid-19 lockdown restrictions and interact with those in your bubble if relevant to your city.


Box-set binge

Of course, after a while, all the competition may get a little too much and you may be looking for something a little more low-key to do together.

Great for weekends and nights when going to a student night is out of the question, you can all decide on a TV series, whether it’s a classic or something new and watch it together. A great bonding experience, sometimes there’s nothing better than having someone to discuss your new TV obsession with.


Movie theme nights

Bringing a mixture of party and relaxation, a movie-themed night is a great way to have some mid-week fun when you’re stuck for what to do.

It’s quite simple to pull off, pick a theme for each movie night, which can be based around a movie or two, and then you all watch the movies while in fancy dress based on the theme. So, it could be 80s slasher films, 90s rom coms or old Hollywood glamour, the themes and fancy-dress options are almost endless.


Pamper nights

If you’re stuck indoors, but you still want to do something, a pamper night is the ideal solution.

Perfect for when you’re a little stressed out, maybe you have an exam or deadline on the horizon, or maybe you want to chill after submitting three essays in a week, a pamper night will do the trick every time.


females students wearing skincare mask


From facemasks to foot soaks, there’s so much you can do in the world of pampering. Just don’t forget the candles, incense and comfy dressing gowns. Prosecco optional.


Come dine with me

A staple of student television viewing, everyone who’s watched this show has stopped to consider what their menu would be. So, why not turn those thoughts into reality.

For one week, you and your roommates can take it in turns to create the ultimate three-course meal and then score each other. Will you be eating fancy French or Italian food or will it be potato smileys and fish fingers? There’s only one way to find out, and at the end of the week, you’ll finally know which one of you is the best cook.



Once you’ve found out who’s the best cook amongst you, it’s time to find out which one of you is the best baker.

Take it in turns to whip up a cake or some cookies or even a sourdough if the mood takes you, and see which one of you is the star baker and which one of you is more of a soggy bottom.


students baking


Of course, the competition element is a little different here as there are no judges. However, with all those cakes and biscuits knocking around, you’ll all be winners really.


Murder mystery

It may sound a little odd but stick with it. A night that has fun, mystery, competition and dressing up, what student could resist a murder mystery?

Put one or two of your roommates in charge and let them organise the best murder mystery since the Murder on the Orient Express. Once they’ve figured out the ins and outs of who’s the murderer and what the weapon is, you can decide on a theme – will it happen in space or in the White House – you decide.

As you can see, there’s so much you can do with your roommates even if the local bars are closed. And, if you’re looking for a student living experience that offers more, head over to our homepage properties are nearby or drop us a line on 0207 1000 100