Get up to £400 off when you book for 2022/23!
Get up to £400 off when you book for 2022/23!


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Nido introduces wellbeing partnership with Psychologist Dr Tara Quinn-Cirillo

  This year, to mark World Mental Health Day on October 10th, Nido is proud to announce a new wellbeing partnership with Psychologist Dr Tara Quinn-Cirillo. Working predominantly online, the programme has been designed to provide residents with support, advice, resources and tools to maximise their wellbeing.

Packing for uni? Make sure you’ve got the essentials

  So, you got the grades, confirmed your university place and booked your room (if not don’t panic, check out if there’s a Nido room available in your new uni city here). Now it’s time to pack! Read on for the low-down on everything you could possibly need for student living and use our handy Read more >

A student’s guide to Birmingham for every budget

Birmingham is the UK’s second largest student city and known for its numerous higher education institutions and vibrant student lifestyle. So whether you’re in need of a study day, a cultural day out or a big night out, Birmingham has so many great options for food and entertainment for every budget.

10 professional meals you can make with little effort

Do you love cooking? If yes, you’ve probably thought about throwing a dinner party for friends and family at some point. However, there’s always the worry that you won’t be able to cook something that’ll wow them unless the dish is super complicated.

11 Tips for a Virtual Job Interview

The last year or so has been a funny old time. Nevertheless, the world has continued to move forward, and, while many people have been furloughed or even made redundant, jobs are still popping up. And with this comes job interviews.

8 meals you can make with just 5 ingredients

When it comes to cooking, sometimes, you’re just not in the mood to make a massive effort. However, this doesn’t mean you have to reach for the takeaway menu or log into one of the many fast food apps available to us.

Top Tips for Getting the Most from Your Workouts

After more than 12 months of entering and leaving lockdowns, most of us have changed our workout routines more than once (with varying results). Have you struggled to raise the motivation to hit the weights? Or, perhaps worse, maybe you’re putting in the work and breaking a sweat, but aren’t seeing the results you’d hoped Read more >

10 tips for a better night sleep: A guide to end those restless nights

Are you getting enough sleep? Chances are, the answer is no. In fact, college and the years immediately afterwards are notorious for being rife with sleep issues. Most students get around six hours sleep a night but when you factor in nights out, all-night cramming sessions and early lecture starts, this number can be even Read more >

Can You Guess the Reality TV Shows in This Picture?

When you want to switch off and binge-watch a bunch of your favourite shows at the end of the day, there’s nothing like reality TV. We don’t know what it is, but there’s something about watching other people thrive/fail/fall in love (delete as appropriate) that keeps us glued to the screen.

7 Ways to Stop Procrastination and Increase Work Output

With Christmas now behind us, thoughts turn to the less frivolous pursuit that is uni work. For many students, the new year means looming deadlines and exams, so it’s time to stop procrastinating and get down to some real study time.

How to Clean Your Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide

A never-ending trail of crumbs, mystery spillages splattered all over the place, and clearing out food that’s so far past its best before date it’s practically Jurassic.

An A-Z guide to unusual British sayings

If you’re heading to live in the UK for the first time, then you may optimistically assume that a good grasp of the language is all you need. But, alas, the English language is notoriously difficult to learn, not least because of the myriad of idioms and phrases that simply don’t make sense without local Read more >