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Meal Kits

Meal kits are all the rave right now! So, we wanted to get in on the action by researching some of the best ones out there, so you don’t have to. Whether you’re wanting to spice things up for an occasion or you just want to try some new food, we’ve found some great meal kit options that Read more >

8 Good Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

If you have recently graduated, it’s easy to think that all the power lies in the hands of the interviewer, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Remember, you’re assessing them just as much as they’re assessing you, so it’s a good idea to come equipped with some questions of your own. When you’re asked “do Read more >

A Short History of Cambridge: All You Need to Know

When it comes to university towns, Cambridge stakes its claim as one of the best. With history and tradition at every turn, it’s a city with an academic rep like no other (aside from Oxford perhaps, but we don’t talk about them), where great minds of the past go head-to-head with new generations of the intellectually inclined.

Everything You Need to Know When Moving to London

Where do you start with a city like London? Diverse, historic and very, very busy, the nation’s capital is an unbelievable place to study and live. But a city of this size needs a little preparation before the “big move”, whether you’re moving across the UK or you’re flying in from another country. We’ve already Read more >

Can You Guess the Bedroom from These Iconic Films and TV Shows?

Sometimes it’s just not enough to be on TV or have yourself projected onto the big screen, loved and admired by millions around the world. You’ve also got to have an awesome bedroom that’s as recognisable as you are too. There are certain rooms featured in film and TV that are so memorable and distinctive, Read more >

Mental Health & How To Spot If Someone Is Struggling

If you missed Nurse Joan’s ‘Stay In, Stay Safe’ session about ‘Mental Health & How to Spot If Someone is Struggling’, you can watch it again here. We’ve also summarised all of the main points that he covered in his session.

COVID-19 & Sleep

If you missed Nurse Joan’s ‘Stay In, Stay Safe’ session about Covid-19 and sleep, you can watch it again here. We’ve also summarised all of the main points that he covered in the session.

Student Advice Directory

As we find ourselves in Lockdown round 3, we know that this can be a challenging and difficult time for us all and not the start to 2020 we had all hoped for. We are here to support all our community members and have prepared the below directory for where to find the most up Read more >