Get up to £400 off your room if you book today. Ts&Cs Apply.
Get up to £400 off your room if you book today.

Corporate Information

For more than a decade now, Nido Student has been running student accommodation across the UK. Whether you’re from Birmingham or Bangkok, community comes first in each one of our residences, with a strong focus on wellbeing and sustainability in everything we do. From cooking classes and yoga courses to recycling initiatives and music festivals, we’re all about giving you more during your student career, wherever you’re studying.

Across 120+ institutions, we welcome students coming from more than 100 different countries, aided by our on-site team who have years of experience managing quality student residences and accommodation. However you look at it, we’re well equipped to manage a hugely multicultural and diverse student population.

Nido Student is tailor-made for today’s students. We know that those embarking on a higher education journey are individual, savvy, and demanding. They’re fuelled by aspiration, independence, and intelligence with a creative, talented streak that needs nurturing at all times. The bottom line is that no two are ever alike. That’s what Nido Student is all about; an alternative to one-size-fits-all accommodation. We offer a variety of room types and rates to suit all budgets. Whether a student wants to live alone or live with a friend or two, there are options to suit everyone’s needs.

And with plenty of areas to wind down and socialise, chilling out and getting to know the other residents is all part of the Nido Student experience. Social spaces, peaceful study areas, 24/7 gyms, yoga studios, cinema rooms and more are all on hand to help you nail that all-important work/life balance that comes with being a student.

We also invite interest from investors who are keen to help us expand our network, whether in the UK or beyond. If you think your city needs a Nido, be sure to get in touch with us or for more information, or send us an email at